An iksperimentalist’s work is never done

An iksperimentalist’s work is never done

It goes along with the old axim …..

Education expands your scope of ignorance …..

The more you learn the more you realize that you don’t know.


Education expands your horizions  ….

As you approach the horizion you can see farther and farther … yet ….

The horizion keeps moving away from you.

So it is with experiments.

You do one experiment and before you are done you have ideas for many more.

The more experiments you do the stupider you get.

I don’t want to get no more stupider.

Perhaps it’s better to stay in bed all day.

Hey, That would be an interesting experiment ….

Oh, wait, that is what sick people do  … what fun is that  …..

What about staying in bed all day when you are not sick?   ….

It seems horrible to me  …. But then   …. if you had writing equipment … and something to read  … and a good laboratory in your bedroom … and a machine shop …. And your computer …. And a microwave oven …. Wow  …..

I guess I will get up now.

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