Highway buzzards

Highway buzzards   …   Or is it highway vultures?

Some people use the names of vultures and buzzards interchangeably …. I believe there is a difference …. I suppose that a turkey buzzard is really a turkey vulture.

Years ago I saw a dead turkey vulture on the side of the highway near my house …. I called the biology dude at the university and asked him if he wanted it   … he let his students dissect such things  …. … he did want it, If it was not too badly decomposed … so I put it in a sack and I put the sack in the freezer … at the next opportunity I took the frozen vulture to mister biology professor.

In recent years I have noticed a different kind of buzzard along the side of highways  …. you can see them if you look real close    …   they are about a foot long and lie close together …..   they are becoming pervasive  ….  When you drive your car a little out of your lane, your car starts to vibrate and make a horrible buzzing noise  …. This noise is caused by the new variety of  highway buzzards.

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