Snowum Onum Carum

Snowum Onum Carum     ( that’s Jeep Cherokee lingo)

While driving down the freeway I saw an SUV that was covered with snow  … It could have been a Jeep Cherokee   … the snow was probably 6 inches deep on top of his vehicle  … the extra weight and the drag probably reduces his gas mileage  …. I still wonder where he has been ….

We got a bunch of snow at my house a few days ago  … probably 8 inches    …. It has been sunny since    …..  my extra car has been parked out in the sun for the last few days  ….       All the snow has melted off of the parked car  …. So why does that guy on the freeway still have snow all over his car? …. I guess he didn’t park it in the sun  ….

He must have a garage.


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