relax and enjoy the Wit, Wisdom , and Buffoonery


it has been suggested that you need to dig real deep to find the wisdom

Happy Digging

9 thoughts on “HOME

  1. Oh, my. Are those the results of your carrot growing attempt? I think they are edible, if not a bit frightening. I imagine that they would scream from the boiling pot of water if you cook them. Perhaps just leave them in the vegetable bin until they wither and turn black. Then, return them to the soil.


  2. I have wondered if somebody can place a sign on their blog saying:
    Right of admission to the blog reserved.
    Actually I tried it and ordered one from the sign maker who fortunately was not dialectic and therefore accepted the commission but turned out to be dyslectic:
    Right of admission to blog reversed
    It was not quite what I had in mind and didn’t accept it and the next effort turned out to be:
    Right of admission to the blog severed
    When I pointed out that it is wrong he said it means the same thing and started to question my logic. I just left as I was not going to admit he is right.

    An now you have made me mad as well

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  3. Chuck says:

    You’re such a moron!

    Actually, that was a good one. I see it (people being certain THEY are right!) all over the place. Of course, it’s easy for me to see… I’m brilliant!

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