Elijah cakes



 Blue Plate Special


There was a famine in the land  … A widow woman with a son was preparing their last food, so they could eat it and die. (Maybe she wasn’t a very good cook. …   ??? )

She only had some meal and a little bit of oil  …. Elijah asked her to make him a cake and promised her that she would not run out of food …. She had faith …. She made him a cake …. Continue reading

The Yeller Squash Chronicles …. Part 1 Something about Zucchini

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Yes …. I read the title   …..  I know  … no  …. It wasn’t a typo … I meant to say Yeller … Continue reading

Ji Dzar ….. Fact checker

Ji Dzar  …..   Fact checker

All the cooking and giblet facts are almost mostly 100% accurate.

I have not tried cooking the gizzard diaper … I do not plan to cook the diaper …. Not even as an experiment … I do not recommend anyone cooking the gizzard diaper.

The bit about natural emulsifiers was just a guess based on appearances   …. The water and oil mixed …. Emulsifiers make oil and water mix.

We are not able to provide fact checking on the Chinese at this time …. There is a shortage of Chinese Checkers.