Infarction proof goobers

Some people get goobers and boogers confused … there is a difference …. Boogers are free …. I pay money to buy goobers at Wal-Mart ….

Remember that old civil war song Goober peas …. You can find it on YouTube  … it’s about the joys of eating peanuts.

Did you ever eat the last few peanuts and crumbs from the bottom of the jar of salted peanuts … if you are not paying attention it could kill you … it is worse than eating straight salt  …. It could be salty enough to cause myocardial infarction …. It is always better to dump the crumbs in a cup and add water …. This will dissolve the excess salt … use lots of water and pour most of the water off … then you can savor the last crumbs without the infarction

Back there in Ji Dzar II  … I alluded to soaking peanuts …. It is such a fine art I believe it needs more elaboration.

You can soak any kind of peanuts   …. All it takes is a container and peanuts and water  … it just isn’t that hard ….. I don’t recommend soaking peanuts with fancy sugar based coatings …. Boston baked beans and the like …. I don’t blame you for soaking chocolate covered peanuts  ….  Soaking them makes it easier to scrub the chocolate off …. If you do that it is best to use hot water then you can pour the effluent right down the drain …. With Boston baked beans it is better to just eat them right out of the box  …. However, if you do soak them you should drink the Boston baked juice.

I usually soak raw peanuts  … or, the roasted salted ones that planters calls cocktail peanuts  …. I have tried the dry roasted ones  … they are acceptable but not quite as good

Soaked peanuts are a good additive to almost anything you are cooking  … they have a texture sort of like water chestnuts … but, not quite as crunchy …. they are really good in scrambled eggs and almost all fried vegetables ….

I use un-soaked peanuts in stuff that is juicy and gets cooked for a while …. Well I guess soaking isn’t always necessary  ….  it is just a nice variation … you can really put peanuts in anything that is edible …

One of the risks of soaking peanuts is something that happens while they are soaking …. I’m talking about grazing … if the peanuts are just sitting there in plain sight it is quite tempting to sample a few … especially if you leave a spoon in the container  … sometimes they get sampled to extinction … so if you are planning to actually use them in some cooking iksperiment it is best to lock them up or to hide them  …. Don’t hide them too good or it might be unpleasant when you find them next month …

For snacking ….. soaking peanuts in water is real good ….. soaking them in milk is even better … you need a spoon   … eat them with warm milk just like you would with cereal or granola or popcorn …. I have met lots of people with strange tastes who actually prefer cold milk ….


Ok …. here is the iksperiment …. Compare

Soaked roasted peanuts to …. Rinsed roasted peanuts

I  rinsed the salt off of both to get a good comparison

Oh I should mention that I am going to fry them in Imperial margarine.

I know both are good because I have done it before …. I just need side by side samples so I can tell the difference …. It will be useful when making decisions  later in my life …. It’s pretty hard to navigate life without information … Google doesn’t know the difference so I must do the iksperiment.

I soaked one batch for about 4 hours then fried in Imperial

The other batch was quickly rinsed then fried in Imperial

Both were good … the soaked peanuts were a little more chewy and a bit softer   … there is a chance I cooked them a little too long

The un-soaked were crisper

I mixed the remains of the two samples ….     that was also good


If you eat too many peanuts  they Might magically change into poonuts.


Fact checker

Myocardial infarction is doctor talk for a heart attack.

Goobers or goober peas are names for peanuts.

Beans and peanuts are both legumes… a peanut plant resembles alfalfa.

The Boston baked beans I am referring to are candy coated peanuts not actual beans. …. They probably have never even visited Boston ….

4 thoughts on “Infarction proof goobers

  1. I like your humor and the way you write. The one time i traveled in through the southern states, I kept seeing signs, “Boiled Peanuts.” Everyone in the car wondered how they tasted, so we stopped and bought some. They were salty, soft and tasty. Once was enough tho.

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    • Thank You
      I had some boiled peanuts in Ghana … they boiled them in the shell … then they spent hours neatly stacking them on a big tray it looked like a beehive …. Then they would carry the tray around on their heads …. I bought some from a lady … she reached up and un-stacked a handful without removing the tray from her head … she put them in a sack and made change all while balancing the tray on her head

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