ik with three eyes

ik with three eyes

That’s a good title

That’s Iksperimentalist spelled with three eyes  …. That’s

i, i, and i !

The cool kids call me the ik with three eyes .

If you can’t remember how to spell iksperimentalist just remember it has three eyes  … then you only need to remember where they go … and what the other letters are  … it’s easy  ….well a little bit easy ….  Perhaps I should have replaced every vowel with an i  …..   then I would have six eyes … my face isn’t big enough for six eyes …. If I spelled ikspirimintilist with six eyes it would be easy to spell but hard to read  … I think I will stay with three …. three eyes …. two Es … one A

Or I could use four eyes   …. Perhaps I should have used four eyes … no, that might confuse the Germans … they already spell it with 3  …. The term four eyes might take some people back to their grade school days … especially if they were the one wearing glasses.

Oh yes I see it all now.

When I was a child the other kids called me the ik with three eyes …. Well, Not really …  well, it could have been …. But it wasn’t  ….. you won’t believe this  ….  I just thought of it  … Maybe It’s a good thing that I just thought of it  …. Who knows how much it could have damaged my psyche if people were calling me three eyes even before the reason was invented  …..  Thinking about this makes me wonder what the neighbor kids call me  …. I bet there are some who don’t even know any of my real names …. I wish I could disguise myself as a child and wander into the neighborhood …. Kids are usually quite open with each other …. I could find out what they call me and hear their stories about me …. I could even contribute to their myths about me  … I could tell them lots of really good stories

…. I have executed various pickling experiments in past years ….. sometimes the smell of vinegar sometimes permeateed the neighborhood …. I wonder if they have ever called me the vinegar man …

…. You may remember that good old song from the sixties …. Vinegar, vinegar, vinegar man, stare at us glare at us, catch us if you can ….

Pepper for a tongue and a pickle for a nose … stick a pin in and vinegar flows  ….

If you are not familiar that delightful song you can  search “vinegar man” on YouTube

The  iksperimentalist with three eyes I like the sound of that …. It sounds important.

The German word for I is pronounced ik

That doesn’t mean I is a German … well maybe I is a little bit German … I had some ancestors in Germany a few hundred years ago ….   … people like Apellonia Brandt and Hans Jacob Schweiss  … they lived back there in Biebelsheim  Germany in the seventeen hundreds …. That was a long time ago ….  All of them either moved to America or they died in Germany …. All of the ones I know about from the 1700s are dead now …. Transylvania isn’t in Germany anyhow.

One of the problems I have recently discovered with the German language  is their spelling … in German iksperimentalist is a real word …. It has been a real word for years  …..  it was probably a real word in the 1700s … and I just learned about it …. after I had chosen the name  ….  How disgraceful …. But it’s too late now …. The deed is done … I can’t change things now  …. You can’t rewrite history …. As George W Bush says “There are no do-overs”  …. I say “All you can do is repent and go on”  …. So then,  how do we get those German spellers to repent?

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