ReJersifying a milkshake

ReJersifying a milkshake

Wow, that was a real good one …. I made a banana milkshake …. My recipe is … dump some milk into a blender and add a banana …. It’s pretty good …
In the past I have added refined sugar … I am much too refined to do that now … sometimes I add vanilla … sometimes I add some powdered coffee creamer for that high octane taste …. That powdered coffee creamer is mostly vegetable oil and milk solids anyway … maybe they add a little sugar …. I find it quite delightful to pour the creamer straight into my mouth …. It makes a kind of squeaky crunch …. And it lasts a long time too ….. it doesn’t dissolve real fast so the taste lingers for a while …. Quite nice …. I want some now ….
The slow dissolving properties are good in the mouth but can be a bit annoying when adding dry creamer to a milkshake …. Dry powdered coffee creamer doesn’t break down as fast in cold stuff as it does in hot stuff ….
The solution to the slowness of making a solution can be overcome by using high octane wet ingredients ….. without exception … warm fresh Jersey cream is the best …. If you let fresh squeezed Jersey milk settle it seems to be about one fourth cream …. As deceiving as this is the milk is only about 5 percent butterfat … Holstein milk is on the low butterfat end …. Wikipedia says it is 3.7% butterfat … if you skim the top off of the Jersey cream and get the fattest of the fat you get a wonderfully high percentage of butterfat.
Yes, the answer is high octane wet ingredients … there are all kinds of wet ones available in the store …. I meant wet, food based ingredients …not those “Wet Ones” you were thinking about. ….there are various weights of cream available as additives … Products like half and half are suitable for milkshakes …. Half and half is real good for just drinking straight … even without the banana.
I live miles from the store and my neighbor sold his Jersey cow … what do you do …. The only logical thing you can do …. You pull out a jug of canola oil and dump a bunch into the milk shake ….. Jersey milk is about 5 percent butterfat half and half is around 15% … Jersey cream that’s what we want …. We are aiming for Jersey equivalent … that’s high octane … Still, I wouldn’t use more than 25 percent vegetable oil in your shake …. In fact if you are a novice you may not be acclimated to a good healthy high fat diet …. You might want to start small and just add a little oil to your shake …. Keep adding a little more till it’s just right …. Till it’s Jersey right …. I find it quite delicious

For further reading Wikipedia has some charts …. see fat content of milk or butterfat …. You will be surprised …. The worst false advertising of the bunch is so called “whole milk” … maybe they should call it hole milk … it is only 3.5% butterfat … That’s a long way from Jersey … …. Even that low fat Holstein milk is better than that …. hey … I know a name for this fake Jersey milkshake …. I will call it a New Jersey Milkshake ….

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