Simple reminders

At my place of employment … we have some equipment that was manufactured in the 1800s  … it is still in service  …. we have a pump that is 80 or 90 years old …. It has the old fashioned drip oilers …. The kind that real McCoy invented for the railroads in the 1800s ….

Each time the pump is started the oilers need to be turned on … when the pump is turned off the oilers should also be turned off  …. Some people forget to turn them on or off … either way it isn’t pretty.

I made a sign to help remind them …  it is attached to the box that holds the start and stop buttons  …  it reads

“Remember the Oiler Moe”


Fact checker

One story says that Elijah McCoy was the original “Real McCoy” … the story goes like this.

Elijah McCoy was an oiler for the railroad …. In the early days whenever the train stopped a man would run up and down each side of the train ….  He would put a squirt of oil on each axle bearing.

McCoy invented an automatic oiler and started manufacturing oilers and selling them to the railroads …. Later someone else made imitations …. The railroads discovered that the imitations didn’t work as well …. They wanted the “real McCoy”

Whether this is a factual story is debated.

It is a fact that Elijah McCoy has many patents for lubricating devises for railroads and steam engines.

Remember the Alamo was a battle cry during Texas’s war for independence from Mexico.

Moe was one of the three stooges

Maybe they started with 2 stooges then they got one Moe



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