New Fact checker Page

It seems that certain individuals have been uncertain about certain things that have been written in certain posts … in an effort to make it easier for certain uncertain persons  … I am instituting a fact checker …. If any uncertain individuals would like to become certain about the facts  …. You may check the fact checker page and find the section for that particular post ….. many things may be explained  ….  vague references from bygone eras ….  Unscientific explanations of scientific phenomenon  ….. definitions of some obscure words  …. Checked facts about my checkered past ….  And  …. Whatever else I decide to put in there …. there will also be information about things which are not actual facts  … things like made up stuff, fabrications and fibrications.

This whole fact checking apparatus will also facilitate the writing process of the author … I won’t need to be so careful … I can throw in any obtuse reference I want  …. kind of selfish of me isn’t it  … I will have the peace of mind of knowing that any of you can consult the fact checker and relieve your anxieties … yes you can become certain about certain uncertain things  ….


All previous posts have now been fact checked  … they were fact checked by the person with the greatest knowledge about the posts  …. Me  … I found them to be quite accurate  …. And … in the cases where they were not accurate there was a good reason


If things get real bad we might be forced to fact check the fact checker

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