The aisle 1 problem

The aisle one problem is closely associated with the Zilchoh problem …. I guess that both problems need a solution before a person can find peace of mind   …. You chemists stop salivating … I am not talking about a chemical solution …. Chemical solutions can have strange consequences … I need a literary solution …. It must be a literal literary solution ….  Well, I guess it’s the mechanics of literacy I am concerned about  … that makes it a literally mechanical literacy solution …. Sometimes things get so confusing … I wouldn’t want to confuse anyone  … The reason I am so good at confusing  is that I start with myself …. I practice a lot at home then I go out and confuse the world.

…let me describe this a different way  … you see, the whole problem is one of confusion …. The kind of confusion that comes from fonts  … no, not baptisimal fonts …. The fonts we write with ….  When you type something it sometimes looks like something else …. If I type ill  or I’ll or 111 sometimes you can’t tell what is an ell and what is a one or it could be an i …. Then there are the uppercase and lower case characters  … and Roman numerals …. IiviL   xIx   and things like that….. and of course the zilchoh thing  …. Is it a zero or is it the letter oh … some fonts misrepresent letters and numbers …. The real problem is that there isn’t a distinct difference between each and every character.


I went into the font grocery store and told them what I wanted   … he said to try aisle 1  … ok, so there isn’t a font grocery store ….

The aisle 1 stuff came from me trying to name the problem  … I am not really sure what to call it.

Is it




Aisle 1




El one eye  (Spanish)

Then there are the zeros and the letter O



O’nill   (Irish)


The wuneleyezilcho syndrome (medical)

Call the problem what you like …. There ought to be a font that is aisleonezilcho compliant.

It is a good thing that the numerals don’t have an upper and lower case.

Some months ago I started going through the fonts available in my version of Microsoft word …..

I typed  the combinations …. i I    l L    1 !  0  o  O  … then I checked font after font …

I didn’t find any that satisfied me  … I confess that I gave up before trying every font.

Today just a few minutes ago I went through  the few fonts available in WordPress …. WordPress is where   my blog resides  …. I did find 2 fonts where each letter is different ….  I think the names of the fonts were stupid and stupider  … ok … it was anonymous Pro and source code Pro  …. Both fonts look really bad ….

Until further notice I will have a stupid looking font that is aisleonezilcho compliant … it’s a trade off … fix a few problems and all the other letters look dorky.

… I like he Arial  font …  except for the i L 1 0 o O  problem

Back in the olden days there may have been excuses  …. now with the technology we have it should be a cake walk for font designers …  they could develop a clean clear font where it is impossible to mistake one character for another …. And … the rest of the letters could look good …. Do any of you know of such a font …    please let me know if you do …..

If not I will continue to struggle and whine and complain and confuse ….


1st amendment to this post

After a few days of the dorky looking font I couldn’t stand it any more   …  it seemed a shame to destroy the reputation of the whole website with a substandard font …. so I changed it back  to this default font …

I wanted to leave this one post in the dorky font so you could see how bad it is.

in situations where aisle 1 is a problem …

in the future I might try ….   ALL CAPITALS ….

… in this font    …   ALL CAPITALS  ……  looks like this ….

……   I   L   1   0   O      ….

it looked better in the edit font  …………..gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa



One thought on “The aisle 1 problem

  1. I love fonts, although I’ve never gotten even a sip of wisdom at one. Sometimes used chewing gum. They obviously don’t have any font of wisdom at the Capitol.
    Just the names of printing fonts are evocative – – even the plain ol’ “Times New Roman” sounds like a sword & sandals sci-fi novel, and there’s “Baskerville Old Face” kind of hang-dog but scary, the scheming “Blackadder”, “Trebuchet” hurling punctuations right and left, etc. I think I could see your essays in “Gothic Light”

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