Congratulations Dear Reader

I have only been doing this blog for a short time …. You can take great pride in being one of the first  readers of this blog … then if one day the blog goes viral and becomes famous … you can bask in the glory of being on the ground floor ….

You can help that happy day come sooner by sharing your love of this blog with all of your friends and all of your acquaintances and your enemies … oh wait you are much too noble to have enemies ….  I am speaking of the persons with whom you disagree to the point that you avoid them at all costs … well, you avoid them except for sharing this blog  … Since you like this blog so much they will probably find it disagreeable ….

But, then, there is the possibility that  your non-enemy combatants will like the blog … then you will have something in common with them  …. you will have a new friend  ….  Just think of the benefits of reading and sharing this blog  ….  The possibilities are endless.

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