Ji Dzar II …. Fact checker

My short medical career?  … I was a nursing major at one time …. I took all the fun science classes and was admitted into the Nursing program …. After working in a hospital for a while I discovered that it wasn’t as much fun …. There was way too much paper work  … professors took a dim view of students iksperimenting on live humans  … I switched to engineering

There was an anatomy class that allowed working with cadavers …. I Gained a great appreciation for the people who gave their body’s to science  … I am still grateful ….

A few years ago I went to the BodyWorlds exhibit … it was magnificent  … it featured plasticized people who had donated their bodies … I highly recommend the exhibit


Yes … I know that Jello is a brand name and that I should have said gelatin … I think Jello sounds better  … apparently the Jello marketing folks agree with me.

Yes, gelatin is made by cooking animal parts  … skin, bones , connective tissue etc.  …. It is basically collagen that is broken down during the cooking …. Along with being really good in gizzard toast  … gelatin is used in most gummy candy, ice cream, and hundreds of other good things.

Now you can make your own version of “Gizzard Juice Crust Surprise.”


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